Collective Shout Supporters from the Christian Right

Miranda Devine

Devine is a Catholic, Murdoch opinion columnist and Conservative propagandist. She is also a long term friend and supporter of Melinda Tankard Reist and Collective Shout.

Miranda Devine and MTR supporting conservative LNP politician, Opus Dei educated Catholic, Dominic Perrottet

Australian Christian Lobby

The Australia Christian Lobby is a notorious extreme right group taking a biblical fundamentalist position, homophobic, sexist, anti-abortion and unapologetic bigots.

Collective Shout leader Melinda Tankard Reist was one of the speakers at the ACL conference in 2009, when it was run by extreme homophobe Jim Wallace, who was responsible for some of the most hateful and prejudicial public statements on behalf of the ACL. ACL conf09

ACL and Collective Shout combined to campaign against the Australian Capital Territory government legalising sex work, along with the Catholic Archdiocese of the ACT.

ACL and CS ACT inquiry

ACL supported the Collective Shout Zoo mag campaign –

Hosted regular interviews with CS staffer Melinda Liszewski

ACL Mel Lisz

QLD director Wendy Francis supports CS

Wendy Francis ACL

Wendy Francis of ACL, Letitia Shelton of City Life Church & Melinda Tankard Reist of CS

Wendy Francis Shelton MTR

Lyle Shelton – managing director of Australian Christian Lobby often supports Collective Shout on social media and retweets their events etc.

Shelton CS event

City Women Toowoomba

CEO is Letitia Shelton, sister of Lyle Shelton director of ACL

Letitia has been a long term anti abortion campaigner who promotes the harmful and utterly discredited lie that abortion causes breast cancer

She is on the team at the fundamentalist Toowomba City Church, with her father Pastor Ian Shelton and her other brother, preacher Evan Shelton. She was one of the founding members of Collective Shout listed on the website in Feb 2010, along with her brother.

Shelton CS Member

Letitia hosted this event with Melinda Tankard Reist and has appeared with her regularly at similar events.

Letitia Shelton is in the rescue & conversion business targeting vulnerable young women and girls with unwanted pregnancies, and survivors of abuse, attempting to psychologically manipulate them into christian conversion. The Saturday Paper’s Martin McKenzie-Murray gives a good overview of Shelton’s ‘Bella Girls’ program and concerns about people with no training and no professional oversight re-traumatising girls for manipulation.

“Betty Taylor is the founding director of the Gold Coast Domestic Violence Prevention Centre. Her response to the camp is unequivocal.

“The Bella Camp is so appalling. Taking vulnerable girls and retraumatising them is outrageous,” Taylor says. “The potential for serious harm is concerning…””

Support and Cash from various Christian Groups

appearance fee

Collective Shout charge appearance fees to present at your local Christian School or Church, so there is a stream of income from Christian sources. Still Collective Shout maintain the fiction that they don’t receive funding from Christian orgs.

Meanwhile the vast majority of their events are for Christian groups and Churches. I won’t continue adding to this list, but a brief survey of their events at any given time will show the same pattern of paid appearances at churches, christian events, and christian schools – here’s a recent sampling of christian orgs they have appeared at, or who support them publicly….

New Hope Baptist Church

Tabor College

Christ centred Bible college

Hope Centre church

MTR with City Life Church Pastor.

Hope Centre is run by Wayne Alcorn, who lobbied the Gov against marriage equality here –

MTR has appeared at City Life Church regularly –

Holy Family School

Christian anti-abortion group Respect Life WA

Churches of Christ Convention 2015

Churches of Christ

Lifewell Conference 2015 – Edwardstown Baptist Church

lifewell conference MTR

Neutral Bay Anglican Church

Clovercrest Baptist Church

Life FM, Christian Radio

Catholic Women’s League Tas

This conservative Catholic org also planned to host American anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman. Before he could make their event he was denied entry to Australia for inciting hatred and violence against women and doctors. He was deported back to the USA on October 3rd 2015 after trying to enter the country illegally. Presumably the Collective Shout appearance would have been paid as usual. No surprise they refused to join the highly publicised and successful campaign against Troy Newman’s religious misogyny, even though twitter followers repeatedly asked them to.


The Justice Conference 2016

“The Justice Conference is a vital global platform for the Faith and Justice Community. We are one of the largest biblical and social justice conferences” Melinda Tankard Reist was one of the speakers in a lineup full of pastors of various Evangelical churches and everyone’s favourite homophobes the Salvation Army.



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