Collective Shout – The Team of Respectable Middle Class White Christian Women

Collective Shout Founders

The founders listed for Collective Shout are separate from the team. They appear to function like a board, apart from Melinda Tankard Reist they are not visible in campaigns and the other two women are qualified professionals, not christian campaigners. The CS website lists them as Melinda Tankard Reist, Lydia Jade Turner, and Sarah McMahon.

Founders are mentioned on this page –

Collective Shout Team

All active members of the CS team appear to be Christians. These are the women who actually run the group.

They are members of different denominations but all seem to share a biblical literalism common to conservative and evangelical groups on the Christian Right.  CS does not advertise itself as a religious organisation and in the strict sense it is not, it needs wider public support outside the churches to lend credibility to its campaigns. Many people who support CS on the basis of individual campaigns against sexist or objectifying advertising would identify on the left of the political spectrum and happily support what they believe to be a feminist group, but would not want to be associated with the Christian Right.

CS used to list their team on the website. They must have a board because Felicity Langton says on Linkedin she is the chair, but there is no mention of it on the CS website, and no names of board members, staff, coordinators, office holders etc. Also, strangely for a group claiming to be “grassroots” there is no members’ forum, no members’ meetings to work out campaigns and policy, no voting or any other activity typical of an organisation run from the ground up – because CS is of course run by its leadership and ‘members’ are simply followers.

The web archive has the Team listed on the CS site 29 March 2014 –

Felicity Langton, Melinda Tankard Reist, Melinda Liszewski, Deborah Malcolm, Shelly McKewin, Kate Haggar
These people were not listed on the website but have been spokespeople and active representatives in the media – Nicole Jameson, Caitlin Roper, Coralie Alison, Talitha Stone, Laura Pintur.

The team and active volunteers are on twitter
@CoralieAlison @MelTankardReist @DebMalcolm @MelLiszewski @caitlin_roper @kt_rae @felicitylangton @littleredfox17 @shellyhat @laurapintur

Coralie Alison – director of operations.

Coralie has sanitised her web presence, which is understandable given the inexcusable and criminal torrents of abuse and threats she received from MRA’s and other misogynists. She has made public comments on social media about Hillsong Church, Crossway Baptist Church, and bible verses. Her current affiliation is not important tho, she approvingly quotes a range of christian sources for campaign material, and works directly with Melinda Tankard Reist, and it’s extremely unlikely that she would do that if she did not share their faith.

Coralie Bible Crossway

coralie crossway anon

Not a big turnout that sunday unfortunately.

Crossway list

Wants more of the bible, excited by baptism…. you get the picture.

Caitlin Roper

The CS West Aust. Coordinator – is a Mormon.

Caitlin LDS

The Mormon church is rigidly sexist, anti sex, anti women in leadership, which would suck.

self awareness

Yes, a stunning lack of self awareness.

Mormon teachings on Women are unambiguous, and super not-feminist

  • Women cannot be in authority over men, must be married to be saved. Men become the priesthood and get their own planet in after life, with as many wives as they want.

They have a manual for women, how to be a Mormon woman, it’s a masterwork of unreflective sexism, patriarchy and misogyny, as you would expect

  • Female desire must be controlled. “Our appetites and passions are like a spirited, powerful horse. If they are allowed to run wild, unharnessed and unbroken, they will take us where they please. They may take us to dangerous and harmful places.”
  • The man is the patriarch of the home.
  • Having children is more important than a career, leaders have asked women not to work unless necessary.

Melinda Liszewski

Melinda is a Collective Shout “campaigner & spokesperson” and a regular guest on the Australia Christian Lobby podcast

ACL Mel Lisz

On Vision Christian Radio

Comments on Bill Muehlenberg’s blog – notorious homophobic right wing Christian creationist. Of course that doesn’t mean she agrees with him, but it’s an interesting choice of reading.

Felicity Langton

On LInkedin she says she is the Collective Shout board Chair, despite not being listed anywhere on current site.

She is also a board Member at St Kilda Gatehouse, a Christian mission to street sex workers. Linkedin – “Beyond the 9-5 she is a board member for Collective Shout and St Kilda Gatehouse, as well as team leading Sunday School for 4 year olds at City Life Church.”

Langton was a member of ‘Support the Salvos on Gay Marriage’ Facebook group until I called her out on it on twitter. The Salvation Army are bitterly opposed to homosexuality and marriage equality and their group was predictably homophobic in a very self-righteous Christian way.

Nicole Jameson

Jameson is the CS South Aust. Coordinator. She is open about her Christianity and campaigning from faith, and attends an Anglican Church –

Nicole abortion

I think it’s safe to say Nicole is a pro-lifer, calling abortion murder.

Shelly McKewin

Not very active on Collective Shout social media campaigns. Tweets about Christian events, her prayers etc. Compassion AU. Hillsong Church. Compassion AU sponsored the Australian Christian Lobby conference in 2009, the year Melinda Tankard Reist was a guest speaker.

s McKewin2

Kate Haggar

  • Is very open and public about her religion, working as Assistant Minister at an Anglican church, in Women’s, Youth & Kids ministry.

  • Writes that gay people should be celibate to be saved.

  • Writes about demons in childrens’ game

  • Retweets homophobic rant about gays being ‘sinful’

Deb Malcolm

Being interviewed on this podcast about her work with Mercy Ministries, and her love for Jesus.

Here’s some info on Mercy Ministries, a ministry to young women backed by Hillsong, which was found guilty of fraud by the ACCC after more than a dozen complaints. They forced young women to sign over Centrelink benefits, did not provide professional support staff advertised, used exorcism to treat mental illness.

According to MTR is “Women’s Engagement Specialist for Compassion Australia”

“releasing children from poverty in Jesus name” “spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

Laura Pintur

Laura joined Collective Shout on their 2015 campaign against Zoo magazine. On Linkedin she says she was most recently attending St Peter’s Church in Brighton UK, and worked on their media team.

L Pintur Linkedin.jpg

Laura put in a few speaking appearances at Christian schools with Melinda Tankard Reist. She also appeared with MTR on ABC2 TV show Australians On Porn, hosted by Tom Tilley from JJJ in December 2015. The show was an unmitigated PR disaster for Collective Shout, with MTR aggressively talking over the top of other guests and the host, refusing to listen or engage, and coming across as rude, domineering and intentionally offensive. The fallout on social media was immediate and massive, young viewers saw Collective Shout as irrational, unreasonable prudes.

Laura with MTR

Talitha Stone

Stone was active in the 2013 campaign against rap artist Tyler The Creator and has since become inactive. She has tweeted about being a christian.




  1. profreedan · July 14

    Great article. CS are very much Christian extremists using feminist language to appeal to maimsteram media. The fact so many feminists align with and love them is scary.


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