Follow The Money – Collective Shout Sponsors from the Christian Right

When asked directly if Collective Shout received any funding from Christian organisations their Director of Operations, Coralie Alison, had this to say –

Nofunding copy

That seems like a straight answer, let’s have a look at the facts.  Collective Shout have a handy list of current sponsors on their site –

sponsors nov2015

Herro Solicitors

Anthony Herro is a prominent conservative Catholic and is the secretary of Catholic Lawyers group St Thomas More Society. Sophie York the spokesperson of Catholic anti-gay lobby Marriage Alliance is also a member, and a member of Collective Shout. They have hosted talks by hard right wing Catholics including Tony Abbott and Joe De Bruyn.

Gifted Hands

Gifted Hands are an Evangelical fundraising group, every single charity on their list is a Christian mission if you click through –

The first group on their list is Collective Shout

Previous Sponsors

Wayback Machine January 2011 – lists Collective Shout sponsors at the time

Sponsors Jan2011

HERRO – have been there since the start.

Bella Magazine – run by anti-abortion campaigner Letitia Shelton of fundamentalist City Life Church Toowoomba. Letitia is the sister of Australian Christian Lobby head bigot Lyle Shelton, she was one of the first members of Collective Shout and regularly appears with Melinda Tankard Reist at christian events in Toowoomba. She promotes the harmful medical lie that abortion can cause breast cancer.

Uplift – a Christian Travel agency.

VOS foundation  – “The VOS family is deeply committed to the Christian principals and values found in the Bible.”

Other Sources of Funding

Collective Shout charge appearance fees, and ta-dah! they appear at Churches, Christian Schools and orgs almost exclusively. They get cash for this, I guess if you want to be tricky you could deny that it’s ‘sponsorship’ but it’s money so I’m calling it funding either way.

appearance fee

There’s a partial list of recent Collective Shout appearances for Christian groups on this page – CS Supporters from the Christian Right

A random look at the Collective Shout events page in August 2016 reveals a list of appearances, each is for a Christian Church, School or event….

  • Anglican Church Grammar School “Churchie” East Brisbane, Aug 25
  • Crossway Baptist Centre Sept 10
  • Bishop Manning Lecture, Catholic Commission for Employment Relations, Sep 20
  • St Francis Catholic College, ACT Sept 12
  • Cedars Christian College, Sept 24
  • Calvary Christian College, Carbrook, Oct 7.
  • Collins Street Baptist Church, Melb. Oct 20.
  • The Justice Conference, christian missionary gathering, Melb. Oct 21 – 22.

Do Collective Shout get any funding from Christian orgs? Yes.

Nofunding copy

conservative funding anon


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