Collective Shout give a free pass to evangelical sexist Mark Driscoll

This is another example of Collective Shout’s silent refusal to join campaigns against prominent male leaders from the Christian Right guilty of rank sexism and inciting violence against women.

Evangelical Christian preacher Mark Driscoll was invited by Hillsong Church to talk at their 2015 Australian conference. In June 2015 the White Ribbon Foundation and Feminist group Destroy The Joint campaigned to have him refused a visa and for Hillsong to cancel his appearance because of his incredibly sexist and misogynist statements about women being ordained by ‘god’ to exist for the sexual use and service of men.

“He is already being put in the same category as world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and self-proclaimed pick-up artist Julien Blanc – barred and kicked out respectively.

US pastor Mark Driscoll, invited by Hillsong Church to its Australian conference, is under increasing fire for statements including preaching that women were created to house a man’s penis.”

“Libby Davies, chief Executive of the White Ribbon Foundation working to prevent violence against women, said his comments objectify women and position women as unequal…

“His words perpetuate the attitude that very much is behind the perpetuation of violence against women. To do that hiding behind a Christian framework is very concerning.”

An online petition was started

After the public backlash Hillsong head Brian Huston lied that they had cancelled Driscoll’s appearance, then showed a pre-recorded video interview on a giant screen anyway, demonstrating contempt for the concerns of the public and feminist critics.

There was mainstream media coverage of the campaign, and a lot of mention on social media, including the petition. Collective Shout are monitoring media constantly for the chance to insert themselves into any feminist campaign getting coverage and use it for self promotion. But they had nothing to say about Driscoll – not a single tweet, not one word. Compare this to their campaigns and hundreds of social media statements to stop Australian visits of pick-up misogynist Julien Blanc in November 2014, boxer Floyd Mayweather in February 2015 and artists Snoop Dog, Eminem, Chris Brown and Tyler The Creator.  Collective Shout have been very active in campaigns to refuse visas to prominent men guilty of violence against women, or of promoting misogynist attitudes in their opinion. But nothing to say about #penishouse Driscoll? A remarkable exclusion – closely followed by their refusal to join the campaign against Troy Newman. Followers on social media were puzzled, because they were lacking the crucial piece of information that Collective Shout wont disclose.

The Collective Shout team are all conservative christians so of course they were not going to oppose Hillsong. ‘Director of Operations’ Coralie is a Hillsong fan and team member/spokesperson Deb Malcolm was employed by the discredited and fraudulent Hillsong backed Mercy Ministry.

Coralie Hillsong

The comments from Libby Davies of the White Ribbon Foundation, that hiding misogyny behind a christian framework is concerning,  may help to explain why Melinda Tankard Reist and her team of christian women are so critical of White Ribbon – not their kind of feminist. Collective Shout are the kind of feminists that ignore misogyny when it hides behind christianity.


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