Collective Shout give Saatchi’s misogynist violence a Free Pass

 Charles Saatchi’s violence against Nigella Lawson

There was a lot of voyeuristic coverage of Charles Saatchi’s very public physical attack on his then wife Nigella Lawson in mid 2013, and their subsequent divorce and the details of his abuse. There’s no need to repeat it all here. After initially dismissing the incident as a “playful tiff” Saatchi admitted to assault and accepted a police caution. Naturally there was a lot of public support and sympathy for the celebrity chef and naturally the usual misogynists felt the need to weigh in. Collective Shout didn’t join the discussion about violence against women, but they did protest a local radio station indulging in unhelpful victim blaming.

CS Nigella

Two years later, during the week of White Ribbon Day, the campaign to prevent and end violence against women, Collective Shout promoted Charles Saatchi’s latest book of outrage titillation over advertising of the C20th. A subject dear to their hearts…

coralie Saatchi

Hypocrisy anyone? Collective Shout campaigned hard against Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather and others because of their past violence against women, but Saatchi wrote a book about sexist advertising so they conveniently erased his violence and promoted his sales. (Not very successfully, judging by the lone retweet.)  What kind of commitment to ending violence against women does it show to promote an abuser on White Ribbon Day?

To show the double standard even more starkly, the Collective Shout team don’t mind telling White Ribbon Day to join their selective campaigns against misogynists who fit their interests.

Coralie White Rib RSD

Not surprisingly, when football sleaze Ricky Nixon had a book out Collective Shout spokesperson Coralie supported the petition to boycott, because of….. yes, his past violence against women.

Petition Nixon

This is what followers might expect from Collective Shout. But Charles Saatchi was exempt, obviously his book about advertising was considered more important to their campaign than his violence. He got the same Free Pass as misogynist hate preachers Troy Newman and Mark Driscoll


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