Collective Shout -a quick guide to the christian lobby group

Here’s the basic info this blog has about Collective Shout as a list with links to each long read post

  • Collective Shout are a lobby group for the christian right in Australia, who hide their christianity to get public support – Astroturfing


  • Collective Shout are a pro-censorship lobby. They want a much stricter, repressive censorship regime, and to remove legal protections & rights of sex workers. They want to censor music lyrics, music videos, games, t-shirts, films, anime, advertising and the internet at an ISP level for all Australians – Censorship Lobby


  • Their leader is anti-abortion christian campaigner Melinda Tankard Reist. Her background is as a conservative political staffer – MTR


  • Collective Shout is run by a team of conservative christian women, but they forgot to mention it on their website – Team


  • Collective Shout are closely linked to the Christian Right in Australia and the USA, they use their campaign materials, appear at their events and support each other in christian and mainstream media. They are close friends with Australian Christian Lobby – Xtian Right Links   They use the same Christian PR & Marketing firm as Hillsong and the Australian Christian Lobby – Christian PR & Spin


  • Collective Shout receive funding from the Christian Right – Money


  • Collective Shout founding members include conservative christian leaders and members who are active in the homophobic christian propaganda fight against marriage equality for LGBTI people – Anti Gay


  • Collective Shout align themselves with RadFem Feminists, which publicly disguises their conservative christianity, and their version of feminism seems to largely be about judging & attacking other women’s choices, particulary women involved in sex work. In twitter-speak they’re SWERFs and some of the team are TERFs – Fauxminism


  • For emotional impact they re-publish images which they claim are harmful and pornographic, for outrage, shock value and clickbait. They are attempting to change the definition of porn to include almost any image that could be interpreted as sexual, even if it does not include nudity or any sexual activity at all – Christian Pornographers & Hypocrisy


  1. profreedan · July 17

    Great piece.
    Collective Shout are what I call neo puritans. They are right wing Christian fundamentalist puritans who adopt progressive language in order to sell their anti sex campaigns to a wider audience.

    They are essentially a taste and decency campaign group but like all such groups today they know that taste ans decency campaigns don’t sell with the public as they are regarded as stuffy, old fashioned and busyboddying.
    So the dress their taste and decency campaigns up as feminist and instead of being about stooping “smut” about saving women from “objectification”.
    It’s a tactic that has worked and ensnared and duped many feminists such as Meghan Murphy and Jean Hatchet. Jean refers to Caitlin Roper as her sister. But what she doesn’t know is her sister wants to take away her abortion rights.

    The language of groups like CS is worrying. Most of all their assertion that women’s actions are to blame for sexism and male violence. The thing you wrote on CS and choice feminism demonstrates this as “feminists” like Caitlin Roper voice the twisted viewpoint that the behaviour of some women (ie sex workers) contributes and reinforces male oppression and violence.
    We hear from these feminists that women being too sexualised leads to men viewing women as sex objects and even fuels violence against women. This of course is misogynistic garbage as the only ones to blame for sexism, oppression and violence against women is men. Not women ever.

    Another new tactic for this neo puritans is to call anyone who disagrees with them a misogynist. It’s not something the puritans of old did. You could have an argument with Mary Whitehouse but she would never call you a woman hater.
    Another term banded about is male entitlement. The idea is that only men oppose restrictions on sexual expression and because they want to continue getting “access” to women’s bodies.
    Of course CS etc know there are women who disagree with them but when confronted by such women they will either just ignore them or tell them they are “brainwashed” into thinking that way.

    I’m glad more people see CS for what they are. Puritanical Christians masquerading as feminists.


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