Collective Shout’s Christian Fundraising & PR partners.

Collective Shout advertised a couple of positions in March 2017, Operations Manager and Campaign Manager. The Operations Manager is the senior position, and the key responsibilities list includes

  • External stakeholder engagement and management (eg Dunham & Co, Heartburst, web developers etc)
CS position descrip stakeholders

There’s a couple of new friends (stakeholders) they haven’t mentioned previously. Who are Dunham and Heartburst?  “Dunham+Company is a full-service Christian marketing and fundraising company that helps faith-based nonprofits develop and execute a fully integrated fundraising strategy”

Their Australian director Joshua Crowther “has led strategy for over 30 ministries” – as well as Collective Shout he also works with Australian Christian Lobby & Hillsong. So we can expect Collective Shout to really ramp up the fundraising efforts in 2017 – especially now they’ve been granted status as a registered not for profit charity, with the help of their long term supporters and Right Wing Catholic Lawyers, Herro Solicitors. (more in a future post on that development)

Crowther CS

Joshua recently had some strong words to say about Christians giving up the dollars to bring the Kingdom Of God to this nation, when he spoke to Kaley Pane of the Eternity website –

Crowther Eternity

What about Heartburst? They’re a Christian Digital Ad Agency who design websites and online assets. Their clients include – The Justice Conference, Churches Of Christ, Connect Christian Church, SIM Serving In Mission – christian missionaries, Porn Harms Kids – run by Collective Shout and Fred Nile’s extreme christian right group Family Voice, Global Interaction – christian missionary group, Overseas Council Aust. – christian missionary, Berwick Church Of Christ. Here’s their website –

Check out their education portfolio, every single client listed is a Christian School or Org.

Collective Shout Team burnout

Since these job ads were posted CS have been far less active, even since the second half of 2016 it looks like they are operating on auto-pilot. Their social media posts have been less frequent and basically reposting & repeating. The focus has narrowed to a few campaigns against sexist advertising, there’s been no high profile campaiging against touring rap artists, sex worker rights or MRA speakers like previously, campaigns that came at personal cost to the young women who fronted them for the group.  Follower counts on social media have flatlined, and many of their followers look to be inactive – most likely church people who followed after a Tankard Reist speaking engagement but aren’t active social media users typically. There are tumbleweeds blowing across their twitter and facebook…

The group runs very much on a biblical and church model of a ‘charismatic’ leader with the core vision, followed by a small group of disciples who do tireless support work for little or no pay or recognition.  All campaigns reflect Melinda Tankard Reist’s consistent ideological obsessions. The work of Collective Shout furthers her profile and promotes sales of her books and speaking engagements, so it all benefits her. But Reist is busy enough in self promotion that she obviously has little time for running or promoting the front organisation. For the women who act in supporting roles the rewards are less clear and it seems the sacrifice and time commitments needed to run constant social media, personal appearances, book promotions, articles submitted to the usual outlets, submissions to government inquiries, fundraising etc. will wear out the most blindly committed of followers sooner or later.

There have already been several Collective Shout campaigners who basically stopped or dramatically reduced their campaigning to focus on having a life with their own careers and personal goals, naturally. Being the person who argued endlessly with Snoop Dog supporters on twitter about his pot smoking is not something particularly useful in your CV. The current Operations Manager is obviously taking a break and it doesn’t look like Tankard Reist has found the next young christian woman full of religious enthusiasm ready to be exploited and over-worked for the cause yet. Until she does Collective Shout appears to be in a holding pattern. Caitlin Roper the Collective Shout West Australian Campaign Manager has been trying to build a career as a feminist opinion writer and has dramatically backed off from even mentioning the lobby group online. Tankard Reist is looking isolated and Collective Shout may well be basically finished. Or their initial push for profile and influence has settled back into their naturally pre-existing audience of prudish middle-class Christian women who are always going to protest any public display or discussion of sexuality.

Tankard Reist can enjoy an income from speaking engagements at Christian Schools and conferences indefinitely, whether she continues Collective Shout to maintain the appearance of being the leader of a ‘grassroots movement’ remains to be seen. But it looks at the moment like the organisation has stalled. Collective Shout had the advantage of coinciding with a time in Australian politics with the highest proportion of socially conservative Christians in the cabinet of both major political parties – and yet they failed to gain traction. CS lobbied and courted conservative politicians, even making an ‘ambassador‘ out of Kerryn Baird, the christian wife of right wing NSW Premier Mike ‘Casino’ Baird. Regardless of their attempts to get close to power their repeated submissions to State and Federal governments on advertising standards & the regulation of sex work have all been ignored. Their political agenda has stalled, despite parliaments being stuffed with christian ideological allies. Obviously the politicians are working from different priorities, and for different lobbies. Baird was able to waltz out of parliament and straight into a 6 figure salary with the banking industry. Those are the lobbies who get traction. It may be too early to call it, but right now it looks like Collective Shout are effectively finished except as an Australian Christian Lobby lite for censorship, that nobody listens to.


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