I’m a Tasmanian Rock Musician, absurdist and non-conformist.

I live in Melbourne the Rock n Roll capital of Australia, but I’ve travelled a lot, a lot, and lived in some other countries. I’ve been on tour since the age of 10 and have performed to actually, literally millions of people in over a dozen countries. I’ve played on around 20ish albums released worldwide.  I’m not famous. I can get by in Spanish, Dutch and German, I can order food and swear like a coal miner in Czech. I learnt some bad words from Mexicans in California.

I have a degree in philosophy and literature, it’s no use to anyone but me, I like to use my thinking box. I still haven’t paid for my education.

I like people who swear a lot. I swear a lot.

I am suspicious of dogma, habit, bad faith, complacency and the comfortable bourgeois.

I like organic food and coffee. I like guitars and great songs and amazing singers.


I am not and have never been a member of any political party or organisation.

I have made donations to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, The Wilderness Society, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Public Radio stations, Disability support groups, and individual crowd funding campaigns. As a musician I have played benefit shows for Indigenous groups, public schools, programs for young people experiencing chronic illness, LBGTI groups, The Greens and other environmental orgs.

I have never voted for a conservative party, for a political party that destroys the environment or imprisons refugees or allows cruelty to animals. I don’t care about your precious economy or your sacred home loan rates, they are not my gods.

I am on twitter




  1. profreedan · September 24

    Collective Shout member exposed as right wing racist



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